Hannah Altstiel

Cinematographer, Director, Filmmaker, Head Photo Editor, Photographer.
I grew up in a small town in Illinois and moved to beautiful South Dakota in 2014. Ever since I can remember I've been a creative soul who dreams in vivid color and thrives on bringing those dreams to life so others can see the beauty in this world. I fell in love with videography in 2011 and with that photography quickly came hand in hand. I have worked on several media teams including the internationally broadcasted program at The Ramp, which had work featured in Oprah's 'Belief' TV Series, and I was a video and media director for our local church prior to opening S&H Production Co.  After moving to the Black Hills, I fell in love with a man named Scott Altstiel, who is now not only my partner in business, but my lifelong partner as a husband and best friend.  
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Leaves Shadow

Scott Altstiel

Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Photographer, Head Video Editor.
Hi! Scott here. I began my journey into the video world after moving to Italy during the summer of 2008 where, in our hotel, I made a friend who introduced me to the magic of creating videos. Together we started making videos for Youtube and that endeavor fueled what became my passion through high school, and the main focus of my college career. Because of that first video I made in 8th grade I have since earned a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication, been the station manager of Black Hills State University's TV station, helped produce videos for the Sturgis Buffalo Chip, as well as created my own visions in video. All this culminated in the creation of S&H Production Co., and hopefully my ability to help capture YOUR dream on camera.